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Quadrosphere 11x11m


We present an innovation in Lithuania – in the field of wooden tents-gazebos, an exclusive Quadrosphere line.

Wooden construction made of glued wood can be painted in the color of your choice, or leaving a natural shade of wood. The roof can be covered with white, transparent or tinted transparent PVC coating, double-glazed windows or other selected coating. The walls are covered with PVC sidewalls or glazed.

We currently offer standard 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 7 × 7, 8 × 8, 9 × 9, 10 × 10, 11 × 11, 12 × 12, 13x13m constructions that can be connected together with the same size structures. We can also offer products according to individual dimensions, such as: 8 × 14, 9 × 7, 9 × 13, 13 × 15, 13 × 18; 15x15m and others.

Quadrosphere line tents-gazebos, can be equipped with various walls, windows and doors, lighting, heating, adapting to the cafe, outdoor terrace, for use all year round. It all depends on your need and imagination.

Quadrosphere tents-gazebos can be used:

  • children’s playgrounds in public or private space
  • all year round as an outdoor gazebo
  • recreation areas in the parks
  • at exhibitions and brand presentation
  • outdoor classes
  • trading place
  • glamping zone
  • cafe terrace
  • and other.

We are the official representatives of the company Alpbau – which developed and patented this product in the Baltic States.


Area: 119 m²
Height: 5,566 m
Length: 11 m
Width: 11 m


Standing: 64
Sitting at tables: 32
Standing at the bar: 40


Technical information:


Quadrosphere 11x11m




119 m²


11 m


11 m

Entrance height:

3,266 m

Roof ridge height:

5,566 m


2981 kilos

Wind load:

30 m / s

Snow load:

240 kilos/sq.m


PVC coated fabric

Fabric density:

650 g/sq.m

Fabric class:

Non-flammable (RF certificate)

Color of Fabric:

Transparent / White / Tinted and other colors from the provided palette


Glued wood

Minimum length of the construction part:

978 mm

Maksimalus konstrukcijos dalies ilgis:

6074 mm

Sijos danga:

Dažyta, pagal pasirinktą spalvą iš paletės


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