The warranty of 24 months shall be given to the items, unless specified otherwise. The warranty term shall be counted from the moment the Seller hands over the item to the Buyer, as stipulated in the Agreement. The warranty shall be given only after the submission of the following purchase documents: Sales-Purchase Agreement, cash receipt and product warranty passport. The item shall be fully completed in the original packaging. The warranty shall not cover defects resulting from the long-term use, exposure to weather conditions, or other extraneous factors beyond the manufacturer’s control. We will correct any quantitative or qualitative discrepancies identified during the warranty period as well as complete or replace the items with the qualitative ones at our own expense Please, notify “Elektpro”, JSC about any noticed defects when using the furniture by E-mail: pardavimai@palapiniumagnatai.lt. We will inform you about the decision by your indicated means of communication Replacement, return of the items or rectification of deficiencies shall be carried out in accordance with the retail rules. The Buyer shall not have the right to terminate the Agreement provided that the deficiency of the item is minor in accordance with part 8 of article 6.363 of the Civil Code. The warranty of the item shall establish the terms for bringing claims against the defective items in accordance with art. 6.338 of the Civil Code. The right of the Users to withdraw from a distance and off-premises agreement shall be determined by the article 6.22810 of the Civil Code

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