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G-Kupolinė palapinė D6.0

A mobile, high-quality, presentable and safe event venue is a luxury when planning an outdoor event in all weathers…


    The G-DT110 / 12 is a popular choice for weddings, fairs and other outdoor events with 50 or more participants …


      Geodesic dome tent is unusual, but especially stylish and eye-catching. This type of tent stands out for its extremely strong and stable construction, which can be mounted on any surface without special foundations or structural beams. The shape of the tent dome ensures a uniform microclimate inside it, and to enhance the comfort of guests, the tent is easy to install heaters and air conditioning and ventilation systems. Modern geodetic tents are suitable for events of various formats – from modest ceremonies and workshops to large-scale events. This type of tent is suitable for organizing workshops, it is convenient to install unusual spaces, such as an outdoor library. We can safely say that a dome tent is a protection from unpredictable weather: rain, wind or even snow, suitable even for the realization of non-traditional ideas.

      Geodesic dome tent