Each event is unique, therefore, the needs vary as well. Fortunately, we’ve seen many of them, so we know the specifics of the activity. Indeed, all you have to do is name your vision of the celebration or event and “Palapinių magnatai” will choose the most suitable tent. We rent arched, dome, classic, “Pagoda” and “Crown” design tents and pavilions of various sizes and modifications. The tents we rent come from the hands of the suppliers in the world! They are of the highest quality allowing ensuring a high level safety, reliability and comfort to everyone inside the tent. All the tents are manufactured on a modular basis, which allows expanding the covered area of the event at any time by combining several similar styles.

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Arched tents are of unique and eye catching design. They are usually rented for celebration…

Geodesic dome tent – extraordinary and stylish. These types of tents have a sturdy and stable structure…

It’s clear that any outdoor activity or events should take place during the warm season – from spring until the end of summer…

Recently the tent rental services for weddings, anniversaries, business parties and other occasions are growing more and more popular…

“Crown tents” – a combination of traditional and modern styles, perfectly suitable for ceremonies, weddings, family events…

The most popular tents for weddings

Taking into account the number of guests, the format of the celebration, its location and purpose, these tents are usually seen during the weddings.

Arch Design:

Arch TENT AT 64/8 (64 m²),

Arch TENT AT 100/10 (100 m²),

Arch TENT AT 163/8 (163 m²) HEXA.

Dome-shaped designs:

G-Dome tent G-DT 110/12 (110 m²),

G-Dome tent G-DT 150/14 (150m ²),

M-Dome tent M-DT 36/6 (36 m²),

M-Dome tent M-DT 54/9 (54 m²).

Classic design:

Pagoda TENT PT 36/6 (36 m²),

Modular TENT CLASSIC MT 150/10/5 (150 m²),

Modular TENT HEXA MT-H 166/10/5 (166 m²).

The most popular large-sized tents:

These tents are the best choice for large and loud events.

Modular TENT CLASSIC MT400/10/5 (400 m²).

Most popular small size tents

Taking into account the number of guests, You can need small sizes tents.

Arch tent:

Arch tent AT 12/3,5 (12,25 m²),

Arch tent AT 25/5 (25 m²).

Pagoda design:

Pagoda tent PT 9/3 (9 m²),

Pagoda tent PT 16/4 (16 m²),

Pagoda tent PT 36/6 (36 m²).

G – Dome design:

G – Dome tent G-DT 30/6 (30 m²)

Most popular tents for various events

For exhibitions, events in urban spaces, we recommend the design of The Arch, dome and Pagoda tents:

Arch TENT at 64/8 (64 m²), arch Tent at 100/10 (100 m²).

G-Dome tent G-DT 80/10 (80 m²),

Pagoda TENT PT 36/6 (36 m²).