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It is a hyper-technological and aesthetically attractive alternative to traditional heaters …


    Exclusive model, patented, with visible flames and metal shelf. The goal is to provide convenience to customers …


      When organizing larger events outdoors, it is necessary to take care not only of the roof, but also of the warmth. To ensure that guests do not run out of rugs on cool summer or autumn evenings, Tent Magnates not only rents tents but also gas heaters. What do we offer? The range of gas heaters is portable, so it is easy to move them if necessary. Our rented heaters are popular for their efficiency – one heater can heat an average of 20-25 sq. M. m area. The H4 heaters, which are already popular with many, have an additional convenient shelf, on which it is convenient to place a cup or cup while chatting. We recommend using gas heaters on cool evenings in tents – they will help ensure the comfort of guests. In the same way, these heaters are useful in homesteads during the cold season. We can safely say that renting gas heaters is an optimal solution not only for the holidays organized during the summer season. Hard to understand the differences in the range of heaters or choose the right one? Contact us. The Tent Tycoon team will not only introduce you to the benefits of these heaters, but will also help you discover the right one for you. Let your events run out of heat.