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event & outdoor solutions


event & outdoor solutions

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Tent Rental

You plan on celebrating, but you also wish to relax in the fresh air or organise and event and escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Tent rental is an optimal solution for you. Tent rental is an optimal solution for you. Tents can be used for various small or large scale events, weddings, family celebrations and exhibitions. Our tents will provide reliable protection against wind, rain and sun. The structures of the tents are especially mobile and may be mounted on any surface: on solid floors, ground or lawn, and even in water with the help of a fixed structure.

Rental of Equipment

Equipment is a broad term and, probably, for a good reason. “Palapinių magnatai” can take care of almost anything you might need for your celebration. From tables, tablecloths and chairs to floors, heaters, conditioners, lighting and other decorations. Or maybe you were wondering where the guests could relax? Well, we think that soft furniture and comfy bean bags are perfect for that. So don’t be shy and take a look at the whole range of equipment.

Scenes rent

Stages are not only rented by organizers of grand events – often in personal celebrations there are also those who want musicians or presenters to have a separate space. Also, everything that happens on stage is always seen better. “Tent Magnates” can offer scenes of various sizes and shapes for different occasions.

Additional services

We will always take care of your event at the highest level, therefore, we offer additional services, which you can include to your order, giving you and your guests the highest level of comfort.

How to choose the right tent for you?

First of all, an expert should examine the area, where the tent is expected to be placed, choose the correct tent materials and structure while taking into account the climatic conditions. Calculate the precise dimensions, so that the trees and other plants, utilities and constructions (wells, lighting poles, fences and etc.) would be avoided, as well as foresee the places of entrance to the tent.

All the tents are different in their architectural form, but there are a few recommendations, which you should take into consideration when choosing the tents, colours, styles and reliability to match the general concept.

We recommend making a 3D image. In a 3D model you’ll be able to see if the tent was selected properly, showing the compositions from above.

Usually, the floors of the tent are a mandatory element, just like the roof. The floors of the tent are selected according to the type of the event and the number of guests.

When renting or purchasing a tent, you should know its purpose and we will help you choose the walls according to the requirements of the client. The walls can be transparent, non-transparent, glass, with entrance option or without it.

The material of the tent is usually white, but it’s possible to manufacture any colour you wish. The manufacturing of separate tent elements takes some time, so if you need a tent of a different colour or one that would carry your brand, please, inform our manager beforehand.

All major events featuring tents require additional services relating to the comfortable stay of the guests. For example, a good microclimate, quality and comfortable furniture, professional sound and lighting, decorations, WC’s and etc.

Our main goal is to carry out all the tasks on time. For large scale projects, requiring large tents and additional services, it is extremely important to specify the date and time of the event so that the force majeure situations could be avoided.

There are many areas and locations, where the access and the installation works of the tents and additional equipment are strictly regulated and the installation works can only be performed at night. The night installation and dismantling of the tents and other equipment always increases the final price of the project; therefore, you should inform your personal manager about such circumstances.

Currently, there are several key players in the market of tent rent. Don’t waste your precious time with untrustworthy organizations or individuals – it’s better to consult experienced tent renters.

Tent rental in Baltic States

“Palapinių magnatai” engage in renting and manufacturing of tents of many various styles and sizes. Parties, business meetings, weddings, outdoor entertainment in fresh air shall be pleasant and unforgettable to all as soon as they arrive under a reliable roof of a tent. The tent will provide a reliable protection against rain, wind and sun light. The well-assembled construction system makes it easy to install the tents in an appropriate area and dismantle it afterwards. Tents are practical and durable. They are used as trade or exhibition pavilions, as well as for concerts, mini trade pavilions or industrial hangars. They can carry printed promotional information, therefore, they can be used as an additional advertising tool. You can rent a tent on favourable conditions in all of the Baltic States. We offer the widest range of tents of various styles and types. Before renting or purchasing a tent, it is very important to define the series you like best, and then choose it according your plans, tste and budget.