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Inflatable bench – puff


Save space with inflatable furniture! We offer you to buy inflatable benches or poufs, which are adapted to our inflatable tables. The OMEGA bench goes well with the BONGO table. The patented combination of air and polystyrene will ensure that the inflatable furniture is really comfortable. BISTRO and BONGO poufs are for one person, OMEGA is for 4 people, YOU bench is perfect for 5 people.


Technical information:


Inflatable bench-pouf

Bistro pouf dimensions:

40x70 cm

Omega bench dimensions:

190x180x45 cm

Bongo bench dimensions:

40x55 cm

You bench dimensions:

190x190x45 cm


White; Black; Grey; Sand; Yellow; Red; Blue

Suitable for professional and commercial use:





1. Transportation bag 2. Inflatable base

Available Options:

1.The handling kit 2. Hand pump 3. Electric pump 4. Lighting 5.Printing

Country of origin:



12 months


We try to represent the colors of the product as accurately as possible, but due to the limitations of digital displays, we cannot guarantee that colors will look exactly like real material.


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*Price based on enquiry