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Arch tent AT25


Arched tent AT25 / 5, 5 × 5 meters, 25 square meters. This tent easily accommodates – 25 people standing, 13 people sitting at tables. The construction of the tent is made of galvanized steel and aluminum profiles, covered with anti-corrosion metal protection. Tent ridge height – 2500-4000mm. The height of the entrance arch is 2900-4300 mm. The total weight of the tent is about 0.25 tons. Number of support legs – 4 pcs. Fastening with anchor bolts to a pre-prepared foundation or to concrete, terrace covering. Load per leg 63 kg. The fabric is made of PVC material, which is treated with special means that make it resistant to fire and weather conditions. The fabric meets international fire resistance standards (M1 and M2 in France, B1 in Germany). Fabric color is available. The construction withstands snow loads of up to 25 kg / m2 and wind speeds of up to 24 m / s. The service life of the tent is 10 years. An event can take place under this tent in any weather! The unique and stylish design of the tent will leave a bright and unforgettable impression! Comfort: natural ventilation system, even higher dome (no greenhouse effect)! We can supplement the construction with lighting, air conditioning, furniture, floors.


Area: 25 m²
Height: 2,5-4,0 m
Length: 5 m
Width: 5 m


Standing: 25
Sitting in rows: 30
Sitting at tables: 20
Standing at the bar: 20


Technical information:


Arch tent AT25/5




25 m²


5 m


5 m

Entrance arch height:

from 3.00 to 4.30 m

Roof ridge height:

from 2.50 to 4.00 m


270 kg

Wind load:

24 m / s

Maximum suspended load on the arch:

10kg / l.m.


702 gr/kv.m

Fire safety class:

M2, G1


Galvanized steel

Installation time:

4 people - 2-3 hours.


PVC „Halfmoon“:


PVC wall „Solid“ color – transparent:


PVC wall „Sliding“ color – transparent:


PVC wall „Solid“ color – white:


PVC wall „Sliding“ color – white:


Double glass doors:



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